The new Brindle Brass Band Website

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Brindle Brass Band has a new website, as you might have noticed.

We’re working on making the website easy to use, navigate, and contribute to. Here’s a quick run through of what you can find on our new website:


  • The Job List page is a list of all our future band jobs, if you wish to come down and see us!
  • The Updates category will be used for any useful updates, such as this one, from the band.
  • If you have any imagery or videos of the band, from wherever you may have seen us and are happy for us to host it on the website, we’d be more happy to credit you with a link for anything you provide.


Get in touch – you can:

  • Send us imagery/videos
  • Enquire about joining the band
  • Enquire about booking the band
  • Send any other queries
  • Or just stop by for a chat over on our Contact page


We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy the new website.


[Update: The website is currently under construction. Some parts may be unfinished. If you spot a problem, email]